Sunday, 29 March 2015

Book Characters

Room 1617 had so many wonderful book characters come to school. We had a great day celebrating books and the adventures they can take us on.  
Geronimo Stilton
A character from the wonderful series of books.
Highly recommended by Mrs H and many Room 1617 children

Laura Ingalls eating her lunch

 Geronimo Stilton Website
Tin Tin and Heather the Violet Fairy

Book characters were appearing everywhere

Thursday, 26 March 2015

We have been learning how to write a blurb for a book. It is tricky because we had to not give too much detail but also give the reader some clues about what will happen in the story. We learnt a question is a good way to hook the reader in. 

We also learnt about what makes an effective book cover. We looked at lots of different covers and what made them effective.

Look at our covers and read our blurbs. Which stories would you like to read? 
Did our blurbs make you want to read our books? 

Do you have an everyday superhero. Super Israel is to the rescue. Aaaarhh Aria is so sure Super Israels coming to cook a healthy breakfast to make Aria better. Will Super Israel save Aria's tummy?

Author Aria

Do you have a superhero? I know one his name is Electric Eden he is a policeman and my Dad too. His super powers are that he is kind and caring and helpful too. One terrible day I cut my foot and I cried "Boo hoo". Electric Eden shouted "Ready in action". Will he save the day? If you want to find out then read my book.

Author Dom

Do you know a superhero in disguise? Well Sam G does. Big Bruce is super brainy and helpful. he is the nicest person you could meet. he helps the family when they cream. You hear him say "Big Bruce Go" and you know he'll save you. If you want to know the story then open the book.

Author Sam G

Would you like a wonderful Mum like mine? Keiarliya does and that's me who wrote this story and my superhero is Lovely Laretta. My Mum is a super fast texter (click click click) and she plays games with me like spin and draw. My Mum is a superhero in disguise and she is also superful. if you want to know more about her read my story about Lovely Laretta it will be super amazing like me. Do you have a Mum like mine?

Author Keiarliya

Do you have a superhero in your life? Ashwin does. My Dad is my superhero. I call him Dangerous Dad. When huge 7 legged creatures come in my dreams dangerous Dad is kind and caring. he chases the scary creatures away. Snuff! Gurgle! Woosh! Do you want to know how then read this book.

Author Ashwin

Do you have a super pet dog? Well Jack does. Sky By can shake his hand. Sky By is a good alarm. She wakes Jack up at 5:50am. Will Sky By wake Jack up in time? Read the story to find out.

Author Jack B

Do you know a superhero? Super Sarah loves to have food fights but can clean up like lightning. oh no! Nevaeh's tiara is broken. It is her special tiara that makes Nevaeh a princess. Can Super Sarah save the day? If you want to know read this story.

Author Nevaeh

Do you have a superhero that picks you up from school? My super heroes name is Super Nana. One day Super Nana goes to pick up some random people from school but Super Nana isn't actually Super Nana. read the story to find out who Super Nana really is!

Author Ashley

Do you have a super hero in disguise? Brave Ben is creative and caring. But Mum does not know how to cook. Can Brave Ben save the day this time? Read more and find out if the food is cooked or not?

Author Christina

Do you have a pet super hero? Bubbly Becs has a furry tail abd she cuddles Jessica when shes sad. Oh no! Jessica has to go into the shower and Dad leaves it too hot. Boo Hoo. Can Bubbly Becs save the day? Read on and find out exactly what happens?

Author Jessica

Do you have a secret superhero? Determination Deno helps people build houses but he's not a builder. "Oh no I can't build a house it keeps falling apart". Can Determination Deno build a house or not. Read the story to find out.

Author Joseph

Do you have a superhero in your family. Zack definitly does. Mighty Max. When Zack isn't feeling so sure of himself Mighty Max zooms into action aces out and stands up straight and sprinkles confidence. Max saves the day lots of the time. Will Max save the day today? Read the story to find out.

Author Zack

Have you ever had a superhero come to your rescue? Well Naomi has Super Stev is brave. He is brave because he saves my Mum from giant, black scary mysterious creatures under the house. Read this book to find out what happened.

Author Naomi

Congratulations to Zack, Ashwin and Blair who were winners of the book blurb and cover competition. 

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Sergeant Eden

Today we were very lucky to have Sergeant Eden visit us to tell us all about his job as a policeman. 

Policemen and women are superheroes in our community. They have a very important job helping people and keeping people safe.

We learnt about all the different things Sergeant Eden does in his job. He showed us all the different tools in his tool belt and he even let us try on his police vest which was super heavy!

Thank you Sergeant Eden for sharing all the amazing things you do in our community!

Superhero for the day Angus choosing his reward from Sergeant Eden

Superhero for the day Holly choosing her reward from Sergeant Eden
Thank you photographer Bailee!

Friday, 20 March 2015

Shape and Fraction Cookies

We are learning about different 2D shapes and fractions. 

First we cut our biscuits into a shape: a kite, pentagon, hexagon or trapezium.
We chose a shape we didn't already know. 

Biscuit shapes from tracey hill on Vimeo.

We then made icing. We needed to measure accurately and think carefully about what we know about fractions.
We worked out how to measure 1/4 tsp of butter
We needed to add 4 tbs of icing sugar but we had a 1/2 Tbsp measure
1/2+1/2+1/2+1/2+1/2+1/2+1/2+1/2=4 tablespoons

Icing from tracey hill on Vimeo.

After icing and decorating our cookies with m&ms we worked out the fraction of colours we had used. 
Jack thinking about what fraction of colours he has
Mason's thinking
Marcus enjoying his cookie
Bailee and her missing tooth ready for her first bite

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Cricket Skills

We have been learning how to strike a cricket ball. 

There is lots to remember 
We need to 
*Keep our eye on the ball
*Stand sideways so our feet are not facing the ball
*Start with the bat on the ground behind our back foot
*Lift the bat straight back ready to swing 
*Follow through with the bat (it makes the ball go further)

Kamora-Lee thinking about how to stand with the bat
Ashley with her back lift ready to swing

Zack's follow through
Charlie and Pinenga batting
Nevaeh's ball is about to go flying

Coopa's ball has gone flying
Niamh stepping towards the ball
Jasmine has her batting stance ready
Maybe one day we will be just as amazing a cricket ball as our New Zealand cricket captain???

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Adding detail

We are learning to add detail to our writing. This helps the reader make a picture in their head and feel like they are part of the story. Authors are always thinking about adding quality detail. 

Read some of the amazing pieces of writing the authors of Room 1617 have written.

Down at the sandy beach there's a special sandcastle. You know it is a special sandcastle because it is the only one that is red on the beach and if you touch the special paua shell you will teleport to a dark creepy forest and if you walk three steps east you will see a camouflage  button that you can only see with special goggles. When you push it you will teleport to the tree house. The tree is as big as a giant. It has giant swirly leaves too. All of the tree is dark brown and the leaves are a yellowish greenish colour. The canopy of the leaves covers the secret tree house. A zigzag staircase takes you up to the attic. In my tree house I play on my PS Vista and sometimes my friends come over and we play Monopoly, snakes and ladders and eat sausages and ice cream. Sometime the birds fly down and pick me up off my balcony and lift me up to the top of the trees to see the sunset. Do you wish you knew where my special sandcastle is? 

Author Zack

You will have to go through a freaky cave all the way to my tree house. you have to go across a river and you have to go through a forest and you have to go across another river and that is how you get to my tree house. My tree house is up on a big oak tree with twisty branches. My tree house is old and rusty. My tree house has spiders on it. It has old leaves and old wood and it looks like a monster tree house. It looks spooky inside and outside. I like to relax and listen to my music. I dance to the cool music because nobody can see me dance. My tree house is big no body can hear my music. No one knows I there.

Author Zephaniah

Deep in a creepy forest is an old tree that is really tall. Around a tall tree on the ground is soft silky grass that bunnies like to hop on. There is a magic staircase that comes down when you knock on the tree. I have a bird bowl at the side of my tree house. If you creep in my secret tree house without me knowing the tree will lift you up and toss you in a cage of lions and tigers. Only if the tree does not know you. I have a bucket in front of my tree house that holds my seashells from a nearby beach. My favourite thing to do in my tree house is read books because in real life I have read 52 chapter books and my favourite books are Flat Stanley books. Every afternoon I hurry to my tree house to watch the bunnies magically disappear into the bushes to have tea then I climb my staircase to have tea too. What would you do if you had a tree house as magical as mine? 

Author Christina

North four kilometers is my tree house, Over a big creaky wonky bridge and over a swervy creak is where you will find my tree house. The tree looks very bulgy and is covered with lots of leaves on its humongous  smooth old branches and the leaves glitter in the sun. It takes 14 people to hold hands to go around the tree! My tree house is almost 12km off the stony ground. My tree house has a garden, a resting area, a swing, and my tree house looks like a big tepee. My tree house is made from long sticks and big branches. You get in by a creaky ladder that sways in the wind. I have a code lock and my password is 156987. Sometimes I hear a mobile jingling or the roof making chattering sounds. I also have a bell if my code lock breaks. Sometimes I can sit on my leaves and water my garden! What I do in my tree house is feed all my pets. From the outside my tree house looks small but when you step inside it's way bigger than you think it is. In my tree house it is like a zoo because I have lots of animals! Only animals and me are allowed to go inot my tree house. Only day I would like to swing on the vines in the top of the tree. Would you like to swing on the vines with me? 

Author Louisa

North from my house in a deep dark forest is a tree that is so tall that it is touching the clouds. You can see it because it is so tall and the giant roots are digging deep down into the ground. There is a ladder to get in the tree house because it is in the tippy top of the tree. My tree house has a giant tyre swing under it. It is made out of branches and bamboo. My password is OPEN SEASAME or ZACK. The door is invisible. When you say the password it looks like it is going to fall on you. Suddenly my tree house teleported me to Frogland. I saw thousands of tadpoles and frogs swimming and hopping around. I caught tadpoles and frogs and took them back to my tree house. Have you ever got teleported anywhere? 

Author Dominic

My tree house is at the park in a tall tree. It has long branches. Kids always play on the tree but do not look up because the tree house is camouflaged. My tree house is called science tree house. It has pipe cameras looking at the forest. You can make potions inside and I did. I made a potion called shrinking potion. The potion can make everything smaller and bigger. My tree house is magical.

Author Gemma

You will have to go through a dark spooky cave and then you see a special tree with a special pond. I went knock knock and something secret will happen to me. My tree looks like a monster with sticking out branches for arms. The leaves look like monster fingers at the top of the tree there is a little tree house. I like to scoff some lollies in my mouth. The tree house has a secret room no one knows about it except me and I sleep on a lolly bed "Yum yum" I said to myself. Now I can eat all the lollies. "Aha" I said. At night I look out the windows to see the rabbits in the glowing sky running around playing games.

Author Jack W

In a dark spooky forest I spotted a tree with huge branches and a humongous trunk. You can find this forest only if you go to my Grandpa's house. You need to turn left then you need to go ... straight ahead until you get to a rusty gate that has a sign that says there is a magical tree house. There is tree house high in the air so I started to climb the tree then finally I got to the top. There is a magic password no one knows except me. The windows are all clean so I can have a sneaky peak out the window to make sure no one is going up the wobbly ladder. Girls are only allowed in the tree house no boys at all. You need to watch out because there are security cameras and if you get spotted from the security camera yuck and slimy snails will tip on you but not me because it is my tree house. It has love heart windows. My tree house is really colourful on the top. There are flowers but what kind of flowers? I know there are daisies and two toned coloured flowers that are pink, blue and orange. On the outside of the tree house is some security windows, Suddenly out of the corner of my eye I spotted animals dancing in my tree house. There was a lion a monkey and a slithery snake. I went to the give the monkey a banana. One day I might want to have a zoo  tree house with all the animals in the whole wide world but no cats or dogs but definitely dolphins. I will be surrounded by animals in my tree house. Would you like to come and visit me? 

Author Pinenga

Friday, 13 March 2015

Kowhai Hub Superhero Teddy Bears Picnic

On Thursday, we had an amazing time at our teddy bears picnic with all of Kowhai Hub.

We spent the morning being superhero buddies creating costumes for our teddy bears. There was lots of talking, problem solving and creating together.

After creating we showed off our teddy bear superhero costumes in a parade then enjoyed a shared lunch. Everyone showed lovely manners and enjoyed all the delicious food.

Thank you everyone for all the very generous and yummy treats!

Room 1617, Mrs Ramsay and Mrs Hill are so proud of you! You were all amazing buddies to the five and six year old children in Kowhai Hub. We saw lots of Parkvale PRIDE, sharing, kindness, caring and helping each other. What awesome superpowers you all have!

 Kowhai Hub Teddy Bears Picnic on PhotoPeach

Ella problem-solving and creating
Blair problem-solving

Janice working on her creation
Niamh working on her costume

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Tree Houses

We have been learning how to make different shades and tones of colours. If you look carefully you will see we tried to make 7 different tones of each colour. 
Jack making different browns
Jessica blending the pastels to make different colours
Katie making different greens
Sadie with lots of different browns on her tree

We created imaginative tree houses. They are all so very unique. Keep looking on the blog we will soon share some great writing about our tree houses. 

Tree Houses on PhotoPeach