Thursday, 30 April 2015


We are learning how to solve subtraction problems

The soldiers shoelaces were eaten by rats. The shoelaces were 33cm and the rats ate 5cm. how long are the shoelaces now?
We solved it by splitting the 5 into 3 and 2.
We split numbers to solve subtraction problems efficiently.

Charlie cutting off the part the of the lace the rats ate.
Mac measuring his shoelaces after they have been attacked by rats.
Sienna checking her shoelaces. Will they be long enough now?
Sienna's thinking on the number line
Marshall choosing how much of the shoelace the rats chewed.
Jack and Ella measuring their shoelace
after working out 23cm-4cm using their counting back.
Erin and Whetu using their counting
back on a number line to solve the problem 31cm-4cm

We worked together to solve some word problems.
We made number lines and used our backwards counting in ones to figure out how many cm's of our shoelaces were left after being gnawed by gigantic rats in the trenches.
Kamora-Lee and Chahat working together
to problem solve
Nevaeh checking her counting back and
Riley measuring his chewed shoelace

Saturday, 25 April 2015

ANZAC Assembly

ANZAC Day is a special day for New Zealanders to remember and celebrate our brave heroes.
We had a special assembly to remember. 

Tyler and Niamh were the representatives from our class to lay a wreath during the ceremony.

The wreaths Tyler and Niamh placed with their buddies.
You made our class proud. 

Look who was spotted at  the Dawn Service along with many Hawkes Bay people showing respect and rememebrance
Naomi laid the wreath on behalf of our class

Ashley and Jack looking at our class wreath 
If you were at a service on ANZAC day and you have some photos email them to and I will add them to the blog.

Hawkes Bay Today Photos
What can you spot in these photos? 

Friday, 24 April 2015


We have been learning about what it was like in the trenches.

We worked together to measure a trench we can all fit in.
The space inside a trench is called the area.
We are learning to find the area of a shape.

When we created our trench we needed to think about measuring in m and cm.

Jordan measuring 1m for the width
of the trench 
Dom leaving no gaps when measuring
in m.

Working together
Time to sleep in the trenches
Is there enough room? 

Erin and Emily's team work

Planning how big to make the trench

Coopa and Blake measuring the
side of their trench.

James and Mason ensuring their
trench is long enough

Rain checking the measurements
Ruben measuring measuring measuring

Looks a bit squishy

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Measuring Length

We are learning to measure accurately. To be accurate measurers we know
  • measuring has a start and end point
  • we don't leave any gaps
  • we have to write what we are measuring in like cm for centimeters
  • we start measuring on zero or cm (not on the end of the ruler)
We have been playing golf to learn how to measure accurately. We measure how far away from the hole we are after 6 shots. It is much trickier than you think.
Aria having her last shot

How close will Sienna get?
Yay, Caitlin scored
Maddi measuring. She needed to line up her rulers
Ashley the accurate measurer
Charlie determined to get the ball in the hole

Kamora-Lee making sure she measures
from the 0 on the ruler
Charlotte and Marcus working out how many cm away the ball is.

Jasmine carefully measuring

Dom and Jessica working together to measure how far
away the ball is.