Thursday, 30 July 2015

Tuakana Teina

We are learning to read maps, cross roads safely and appreciate art in our environment. 

Using a map of our school we followed an art trail around our school. 
It is tricky reading a map. We used the landmarks on the map to help us figure out where to find different pieces of art around our school. We learnt to look down on the map like a bird (birds eye view).

Room 1617 were buddies for the Year 1 and 2 children in our hub.
Erin being a caring buddy
Gemma showing her buddy how to cross the
road safely

Marcus and his buddy counting blackbirds together

Rain and her buddy looking at the
map to see where to go next 
They found Maui

Damarco and Noah having lots of fun

Jack talking to his buddy about what
they can see arounf Maui's neck
All the children waiting to cross the road

Looking for south on the painting

Charlotte and her buddy discussing what is in the umbrella

Buddies having so much fun together
Riley and buddy looking both ways before
crossing the road

Looking carefully to find the information

Louisa helping her buddy to write
the answers

Georgina talking to her buddy about the painting

Ruben being a great teacher

Looking at the PRIDE wall to find the answer

Jack and buddy discussing the answers

Hmmm what bird is that? 
Holly and her buddy looking both ways before
crossing the street

Janice and her buddy re-counting the blackbirds
on the mural

Tuakana Teina is when an older person teaches a younger person. Room 1617 did a great job of teaching their buddies and
showing them how to complete the trail rather than doing it all for them. 

Wednesday, 29 July 2015


We are learning to create grid references to show where landmarks are on a map.
We created our own treasure maps to show our learning.

We had to find grid references and then choose what landmark would go at each reference on our map.


Kamora-Lee and Gemma's map. Each house started with a number in the driveway and the rods were worth 10 so they counted in tens to count their steps between houses e.g. 1,11,21,32
Riley showed the number of steps and the direction he took to walk to each house
Holly's map of her walk to her friends house showing the number of steps and the direction she took
Damarco and Whetu worked collaboratively to create their map
Angus's map showing the number of steps and the direction he took. His house started with 9 steps on the driveway then counted in tens so 9,19,29,39 .....
Jessica and Mac working out how many steps around a park
Georgina and Coopa working out how many steps around their park
each cube was worth 19 so each block was +20 -1
Jordan creating the end of his trail using blocks worth 17 so solving the problem as +20 - 3
Tyler and Charlie working collaboratively
Caitlin and Jasmine creating a trail with blocks worth 9 so counting up using the strategy of +10 - 1

Sunday, 26 July 2015

The Arts

WALT communicate what we learn about NZ art by creating and sharing with others

We began our unit about the arts by giving different arts a try; music, dance and drama. Once we have had a taste of the different arts we are going to choose which arts we would like to focus on in Room 1617 to create and share our learning.

We know that stories are a part of our daily lives; they are a way we connect with other people and different cultures. Stories help us to understand each other. We are learning that stories can be told in lots of different ways; in books, oral story telling, visual arts (drawing, painting, sculpture), dance, drama and music.
We explored telling the story of How Maui fished up Aotearoa through dance, drama and music.

DANCE - telling stories through movement

DRAMA - telling stories through role play

MUSIC - telling stories through waiata and with instruments